This is "QC 7 tools " which is common for resolving Quality Control technique as "Excel-template".

 7 tools of [ Pareto diagram ] , [ Characteristic diagram ] , [ Graph ] , [ Check sheet ] , [ Scatter diagram ] , [ Histogram ] and [ Control chart ] into 24 kinds of sheets
Setting "A4" size of paper, easy to submit and distribute the operation like input data, total and making graph.

 Only input the data, you can make the practical document easily without special knowledge about QC.
Also, [ Excel de QC 7tools ] are made as a Excel-sheet.
You don’t need to learn difficult operation for handling like special software.
You can proceed with the work while assuming the image which the document is completed with sample data.

 Easy to handle daily data collection and QC circle activities with a personal computer, and you can use it as an immediate fighting strength in the field, as a teaching material for QC education, and as an aid to exam measures such as system-administrator and QC tests.
 You can easily handle digitization of inspection data, remote work, management and storage of quality control records,etc.

Output example

  • Pareto Diagram
Pareto diagram1
  • Characteristic Diagram
Characteristic Diagram
  • Graph
  • Check Sheet
Check Sheet1
Check Sheet2
  • Scatter Diagram
Scatter Diagram1
Scatter Diagram2
  • Histogram
  • Control Chart
Control Chart1
Control Chart2
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